Tight Bro’s FroM When Back When – Runnin’ Thru My Bones

I have this album because it features Jarred from Karp/Big Business/Melvins bass fame. His vocal performances on Big Business (particularly ‘The Drift’)/Melvins stuff peaked my ears when the Melvins first did the two-drummer/multi-vocal bits, and I became a big fan.

Tight Bro’s From Way Back When is a bit of an obscure find. It’s a hard rocking band in the chaotic MC5 hard rocking stereotype. Lots of double denim, bandanna’s, screeched vocals, bluesy rock riffs, etc. And, it’s fun. Lots of fun – very loud, lots of pumping energy, and vocals that seem grasped between jumping around.

And, I imagine this band must’ve been tremendous fun to be around – a late ’90s mindless party band that the local scene was crazy about. Lots of drunken parties, fists in the air.

I’ve never been much into this sort of blues hard rock. I love AC/DC, but in small doses. I can’t listen to it on loop. I always admired MC5, but I’m more a Stooge. So, I think I’m going to have to grow up about this one.

Let’s be harsh about this – it’s wilfully non-progressive, forward thinking. This is a good-time band for good-times that don’t need to be thought about. It is not adding anything to the genre, the songs are fine, but there’s not a real hardrocking genius in here. It’s an ode to hard rock, and if I’m having to be harsh, and essentially give up a Melvins-related collection, this has to go. It’s a decent album, but it’s not a forgotten gem.


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