Primus – Rhinoplasty

I did write quite a lengthy review, where I detailed how generally boring I find most of this record, how much I hate The Police, and find most prog rock very boring. At the same time, I said, I’m a massive Primus fan – they’re a very important band for me. This makes this a hard decision.

The studio tracks don’t do much, but the live renditions of ‘Tommy the Cat’ and ‘Bob’s Party Time’ find the band on fire. Tommy the Cat has great solo section, where they effortlessly go into ‘The Awakening’ (previously on a live album), and Bob’s Party Time is a little meandering, but has great moments.

So, it’s 7 boring tracks to 2 rather fine ones. 7 tracks with one or two redeemable features, with 2 nots. I was ready to chuck this during the first 7 – they’re fine (apart from The Police) really, but boring. I’m crumbling. This has to go on the keep-pile: the live tracks are too good. Every time they switch ‘on’, they’re on fire. If I’m resigning as a Claypool completist, I can maintain to be a Primus one. Thus, it is to stay.


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