Sexism in the Punk Rock Business

Not really going into depth of it. Just want to highlight something stupid.

Richie Ramone, the third Ramones drummer (there are a few people cashing in on the Ramones name. The other two being Marky – the second and v. important member; and CJ, who took over bass from DeeDee in late 1980s), is playing Camden Rocks. It sounds terrible:

But, looking into his band, what’s a highlight for me is the information on the bassist, Clare Misstake from Anti-Product (remember them?): ‘She brings a punk energy, aggression and power to the table that is unusual for someone of the female gender.’
Nice. Nice and sexist. Not only is SHE IN A BAND (WOW!), but she has PUNK ENERGY, AGGRESSION and POWER, like a MAN. I’ll leave this here*:
Or, as a friend, maybe I’m missing the humour well buried in the sentence…
*I refer to an old band ‘cos of the age of the main musician involved …

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