Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves (2006, WB).

I’m not entirely sure why I have this. It’s a promo copy, but they were fucking everywhere back in 2006 – couldn’t give them away. There was a strong dose of scepticism about this band amongst my ‘punk’ friends – a hardcore band’s debut was on a major label just as the ‘scene’ had a very distinct (and marketable?) image. It was hard not to be sceptical – this just seemed like an attempt at a cash in from Warner Brothers.

I tried to understand the appeal of this at the time and failed to. It really did seem an cash in – there was no personality. What was the attraction? Where people really that into it? I’ve listened to this, then, a handful of times and didn’t get it. And this is the first time for a good few years.

Lots of the playing seems a bit lacklustre and quite boring. There are some good riffs, but there are also a high percentage that are simply taken off the shelf. On reflection, this is not very far in, but a lot of the hardcore from mid-00s seems to take a lot of ideas from related genre and not really go anywhere with them. The music seems to doing things for the sake of doing them, rather than the necessity or for benefit of doing them.

There are beat downs, melodic octave riffs, pull-off riffs, etc. It becomes hard to figure one song from another; hard to find inspiration in a lacklustre go-to-drum beat. I guess I just don’t get the appeal of this band and find it emotionally and musically completely uninteresting. It’s a goer.


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