Smash It Up ….?

I have a lot of music, and I’ve just moved. Putting all my stuff in boxes – the albums came up to around seven boxes – and getting them out again has made me want to ‘streamline’ my collection*. My friend has furthered this process by waging that I won’t have a net loss of 30 albums by the end of the year. As such, I thought I might try and give an album review for each that I don’t feel an easy ‘yes’ to, hoping that will help come to terms with what I want to keep and what I want to throw away. I don’t expect these to be exhaustive, but some of them might be fun. I include an the albums list below.

* I’ve done this with DVDs and it was easy: Keep Jackie Chan, Chan Wook Park and Terry Gilliam films. And Red Dwarf 1-6. Chuck everything else. Books are difficult in a different way – I don’t necessarily want to read Steinbeck’s East of Eden again, but it’s such an astonishing book I feel a need to have it.

(bold means staying; strikeout means gone)

38 – 48= 10

Alice in Chains – Live

Anti Flag – The People or the Gun

Becoming the Archetype – Terminate Damnation

Behold … The Arctopus – Skullgrid

Beirut – Gulag Orkestra

Between the Buried and me – Alaska

Between the Buried and Me – The Silent Circus

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth

Blind Guardian – Imagination on the Other Side

Blind Guardian – Somewhere Here Far Beyond

Blind Guardian – Tales from the Twilight World

Carcass – Heartwork

Carter, Ron – The Golden Striker

Cash, Johnny – At San Quentin

Clark, Stanley – School Days

Clark, Stanley – Live at the Greek

Clark, Stanley – East Drive River

Claypool’s, Les – Frog Brigade – playing Pink Floyd

Claypool’s, Les – Frog Brigade – Fearless Flying

Claypool’s, Les – Frog Brigade – Purple Onion

Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains – The Big Eyeball in the Sky

Common Rider – Last Wave Rockers

Cut Ups, The – The High and Mighty

Darkane – Insanity

Darkane – Layers of Lies

Darkane – Demonic Art

Darkest Hour – So Sedate So Secure

Dauntless Elite – Graft

Deadline – More To It Than Meets the Eye (CD)

Death by Stereo – Death for Life

Death by Stereo – Death is my Only Friend

Deftones – Live

Dizzee Rascal – Showtime

Dizzee Rascal – M4ths+Englis5h

Doyles, Daniel Francis – We Bet Our Money On You

Dresden Dolls

Entombed – Wolverine Blues

Entombed – Same Difference

Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth

Fear Factory – Transgression

Fear Factory – Archetype

Flipper – Generic

Flipper – Gone Fishin’

Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape

Full Blown Chaos – Heavy Lies the Crown

Gallhammer – Ill Innocence

Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves

Ghost Mice – The Debt of the Dead

Girls against Boys – Cruise Yourself

Good Riddance – Remain in the Memory – The Final Slow (Live)

Grizzly Bear – Shields

Harkuknen – s/t

Harvey, PJ – Is This Desire?

Haust – Powers of Horror

Hero Destroyed – s/t

I Farm – IV

Jeff the Brotherhood – Heavy Days

Joe Viterbo – Devil on my Shoulder

Kennedy, Nigel – Quintet – Shhh!

Long Beach Dub Allstars – Wonders of the World

Long Beach Dub Allstars – Right Back

Mad Sin – God Save the Sin

Mahavishnu Orchestra – The Inner Mounting Flame

Magazine – Secondhand Daylight

Megadeth – Youthanasia

Megadeth – Cryptic Writings

Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausage

Melvins – Hold It In

METZ – s/t

Monkey Shuffle – The Feast of A Thousand Kings

Mos Def – Black on Both Sides

Moxy Fruvous – You Will Go To The Moon

MVRMVR – s/t

Napalm Death – Enemies of the Music Business

New York Dolls – One Day it Will Please Us to Remember EVEN this

Nico’s Alchemy – Fundamental Darkness

No WTO Combo, the – Live From the Battle in Seattle

Obituary – Slowly we Rot/Cause of Death

Obituary – World Demise

Opeth – Still Life

Old Man Child – In Defiance of Existence

Pantera – 101 Proof (Live)

Pastorius, Jaco – Word of Mouth

Patton, Mike – Mondo Cane

Primus – Rhinoplastic

Prince – album came with the Mail on Sunday

Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Quack Quack – Slow As An Eyeball

Rancid – Indestructible

Roots – Game Theory

Rising Sons featuring Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal – s/t

Easy Star Allstars – Radiodread

Rollins, Sonny – Work Time

Rolo Tomassi – ep

Ruggiero, Vic – Something in my Blindspot

Sausage – Riddles are Abound Tonight

Save Ferris – Modified

Science Faxtion – Living on Another Frequency

Shabazz Palaces – Black Up

Shark Soup – Fatlip Showbox

Shelter – When 20 Summers Pass

Shelter – The Purpose, The Passion

Sick of it All – Outtakes for the Outcast

Sick of it All – Death to Tyrants

Sick of it All – Based on a True Story (w/ bonus DVD)

Slayer – Decade of Aggression 

Slayer – Diabolus in Musica

Slayer – God Hates Us All

Static X – Machine

Stern, Marnie – The Chronicles of Marnia

Streetlight Manifesto – Keasbey Nights

Streetlight Manifesto – Somewhere in the Between

Streetlight Manifesto – The Hands that Thieve

Stone Temple Pilots – Tiny Music …

Squarepusher – Go Plastic

SSS – s/t

Stalkers – s/t

Stampin’ Ground – An Expression of Repressed Violence

Stiff Little Fingers – Nobody’s Heroes

Taraf de Haidouks – Maskarada

Tatum, Art – Piano Starts Here

The Tim Version – Decline of the Southern Gentlemen

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – Dance Party With …

Th’ Legengary Shack Shakers – Pandelirium

Thunders, Johnny, and the Hearbreakers – Thunderstorm in Detroit (Live)

Tight Bros from Way Back When – Runnin’ Through My Bones

US Bombs – The World

Venom – Resirrection

Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett

War From A Harlots Mouth – In Shoals

World/Inferno Friendship Society – Red Eyed Soul

Wyatt, Robert – The End of an Ear

Zappa, Frank – Over-nite Sensation

Zappa, Frank/Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It For The Money

Zatopeks – Damn Fool Music

Zimmer’s Hole – Bound by Fire

Zu w/ Mats Gustafsson – How to Raise an Ox


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