Dumb music reviews

PunkNews recently posted Jonathon1069’s glowing review of the Clash’s Sandinsta!


And, yes, it is a great album, and this review rather blandly puts that across. But, its wrong – it wasn’t the first point the Clash started experimenting: that happens on their first album, with Police and Thieves.

Also, classifying their first album simply as “The Clash weren’t a working class band who knew only of the aggressions taking place in working class England.” is stupid – Joe Strummer, a middle-class boy, was arguably always suggesting that music is culture, not class.

And, no, the kids singing Career Opportunity never comes across as revolutionary – stop trying to be academic.

The brilliance of Sandinsta! is in its very imperfection – the sound of a band at a certain point of time, in a certain place, and on certain brinks. That’s what’s great about it – it’s mix of pop nous, mindless experimentation, and unwillingness to censor themselves. Or they just didn’t bother to try, or knew how to try.

And, yeah. More of that, then. Bollocks. It’s just bloody good, isn’t it?


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